Water Tower
How is the city' smallest and most wondrous museum organized?

The water tower on the Plotinka dam has been a branch of the Ekaterinburg History Museum since 1995. In 2018, the tower was completely reconstructed and changed its concept. Today it is a tourist visitor center (1st floor) and the Museum of the history of the Plotinka dam and the tower itself (2nd floor).

In the course of the creation of the museum space, researchers discovered and studied in great detail the city history of the 1940s–60s (the period when the tower had been made into a residential compound). Museum researchers managed to find members of all three families who once lived in the tower. They interviewed them and collected some photographs and personal items. And exposition logic rests upon those stories. The exhibition is divided into two parts, just as the apartment on the residential compound on the second floor of the tower was once divided. The "children's" part is dedicated to the stories of the inhabitants of the tower, including the story of Tatiana Lopato, who had been living in the tower since she was three years old. Here you can hear the real voices of the former inhabitants of the tower and see some photographs of that time. The "adult" part of the exhibition is dedicated to the history of enterprises that operated within the territory of the Plotinka dam (the tower is also a part of this territory), as well as to the transformation of this place from an industrial area into a public space. Each part of the exhibition has one window, kind of illustrating the two city viewpoints: through small stories of ordinary people and through the big industrial and economic history.

На первом этаже башни расположена сувенирная лавка с аутентичной сувенирной линейкой от Музея истории Екатеринбурга, в том числе путеводителями по всем микрорайонам города. Также здесь находится кофейня, где можно выпить авторский кофе, вдохновленный историей разных городских районов.
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