The Celestial Code of Ekaterinburg. A Key to Understanding
Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition of the museum can be roughly divided into several parts:
- The Archaeology Section is dedicated to the idiosyncrasy of the protohistory of Ekaterinburg. It lays out a story of pioneering casters and demonstrates unique artifacts from the 7th–3rd millennia BC. And with the help of a special interactive board, you can take a symbolic journey to the ancient world and try your hand at rock painting.
- The Celestial Code of Ekaterinburg. A Key to Understanding exhibition demonstrates a continuous process of changing the outlines of the city, its streets, and facades of its buildings with special reference to original maps, drawings, and illustrations from the 18th century and with the help of a unique multimedia book. It provides an insight into the plant structure and the life of the fortress-like Ekaterinburg factory.
- 3D History is a three-episode stereoscopic film that highlights the events of the city's history in an entertaining and exciting manner. The first episode, called The 18th Century, tells the story of the first decades of the city's life, the story of its development from a fortress-like factory to a provincial town. The second and third episodes are dedicated to the 19th century and include a story about the lapidary works, the weapons industry, the architectural gems of the city, and the gold rush.
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