The Levels of Time
An exhibition with a promenade tour in the L52 Creative Cluster
The exhibition tells the visitors about the constructivist complex of Gostyazhpromural at 52/54 Lenina Avenue, built in the 1930s, and shares the stories of its inhabitants
The largest communal house in the Soviet Union. The place of residence of the families of the party establishment figures, high-ranking military and counterintelligence officers, and distinguished representatives of the creative community of Sverdlovsk/Ekaterinburg. A popular polyclinic. Now it is a museum space that is being transformed into a new city Creative Cluster L52 of the Ekaterinburg History Museum.
Especially for the exhibition, the participants of the Interview School museum project collected and processed the memories of dozens of local residents. Ural artists have transformed them into art, audio, and video installations. The project first passed into the public domain in May 2022 at the the Night of Museums.

The interiors came alive again. Each exhibition room has its own special atmosphere. Once again, they are filled with creativity and imagination, with audacious and sparkling stories of residents, doctors, and patients. Visitors can drop into a greenhouse and listen to a singing ceramic installation. Tour guides will tell you what kind of people lived and worked in the legendary house, what they talked about, what secrets they kept, and why local bakers were enamored of a charming poodle.

Tours with advance registration
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