History Fest
A festival that portrays history as a cheerful, entertaining adventure and riveting experience
As a matter of fact, the project was born from feeling kind of sorry. Feeling sorry for museum visitors. People who work in historical museums are fortunate to have the opportunity to live their life surrounded by history. They come face to face with it every day and are able to see all the details. But museum audience is often deprived of such an opportunity. And that is why they tend to see history as a daunting catalog of dates, facts, and incomprehensible names. Which, of course, it isn't.

History is also about us. About the life of each and every man or woman. Behind every name there is a person.
The Ekaterinburg History Museum was faced with the task of "reviving" history. Almost annually we are assisted in the task by our partners: specialized departments of the Ekaterinburg History Museum and its branches, as well as various creative, research, scientific associations and institutions of Ekaterinburg.

The festival is held at several venues, owned both by the museum itself and by its partners. Usually our guests can try over 20 different activities that suit every taste and age every day. The key program is aimed at families. There is a one-in-all ticket available.

The project was launched in 2017. Over the years we have tried many different themes and formats. Our visitors attended real balls, were taken to a medieval theater square, attended the parade of historical costumes of the 20th century. A part of the festival was dedicated to the lives of peasants and townspeople, merchants and officials, officers and soldiers in pre-revolutionary Ekaterinburg. What clothes they wore, what hairstyles they had, what games they played, what food they had on their table, what dances they danced, how they spent their leisure time, what fragrances were in fashion. One of the festivals was dedicated to the art and history of theater. Among other things, we showcased various theatrical documentary projects about our city.
All past and future festivals share one motto: "History is not boring!" Bringing history to life, the History Fest creates an engaging, vibrant picture and fills tedious facts and dates with meaning. Various cultural and historical practices, a unique delivery, some unexpected decisions which can sometimes be borrowed from a related field of history or culture—all this creates a perfect blend of quality leisure, unforgettable experience, and new knowledge.
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