Historical Reenactment Club
An opportunity to delve into history via various practices

The club began in 2022 and is geared toward what kids and adults can do together.

Participants can choose from four fields of study, including
  • Experimental Archeology: making exact copies of stone tools, molding Neolithic pots, and cave painting practice
  • Historical Tailoring: sewing outfits according to the 19th century models (dresses, mantillas, hats)
  • Military and Historical Re-enactment: archery, sword training, and épée fencing training
  • Household Reenactment: making Russian-style stamped honey bread, weaving, and embroidery.

Participants are trained by real masters of their crafts: experts in metal, ancient weapons, cooking and fashion, and archaeologists. Each course consists of four classes that are held every Sunday. The project is family-oriented.

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