Discovery Time
A family festival of museum routes

The project was inspired by the practice of the Children's Days Festival which takes place annually in St. Petersburg. And its structure follows a similar logic: Different museums of the city work together, create gamified guides to their expositions, and make them available to their visitors during the festival.

The Discovery Time Festival dates back to 2019. The Ekaterinburg History Museum initiated and produced its creation. The festival brings together from 13 to 20 leading museums of the city every year, attracting over 10 thousand visitors. Guests of the festival enjoy gamified guides prepared for different age categories. Fascinating, beautifully illustrated quest routes are the centerpiece of the project. Children and their parents get familiar with museum collections by performing tasks and displaying their powers of observation and wit. They look for answers to different questions and learn a lot in the process.

In the first museum of the route, each child receives a guidebook and a partaker certificate. Children can gain special stickers in every museum, which they can glue into the certificate. The more routes a child finishes, the more stickers will sit on their certificate. Step by step, the certificate will turn into a map of a seasoned traveler, motivating the partakers to explore all the routes of the festival.

The festival basically promotes the museums as an exciting game suited for the whole family.
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