School No. 9 (the former building of the school for boys)

The Ural Mining School was established in 1847 to train specialists
for the mining industry. At the same time, it was decided to build a three-story stone building opposite the Ural Administrative Office. Under the project,
the school building should “accommodate 100 students and should be divided into
two parts – one for the nobility, and the other for children from lower-class families.” The original design and estimate were prepared by the famous Ural architect Mikhail Malakhov. After his death, the project was fine-tuned and completed
by Karl Tursky who also supervised the construction.
The grand opening of the mining school took place in 1853. Eight years later,
in 1861 the school for boys moved into the same building. Two educational institutions operated side by side under one roof till 1879 when the Ural Mining School
moved to a neighbouring building (28 Glavny Avenue). In 1914, under the project of architect Konstantin Babykin, the school building was expanded to add
a gymnasium.
After the revolution, the building often changed hands, housing the headquarters of the Ural military district, the Perm Railway Administration, a district school.
Today, it is occupied by school No.9, one of the best-known educational institutions of Ekaterinburg.

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