The Oblast Government (Oblispolkom) and the Oblispolkom Residential Building

The general design of “Bolshoy Sverdlovsk” (Big Sverdlovsk) presumed
the construction of many administrative buildings and designated for the central
role among them was the Oblast Government building. In 1926, an All-Union competition was announced, and the victor ended up being architect Sergey Zakharov.
A land lot was designated for future construction on the Southern side of the former Ekaterininskaya Square. The main works managed to get going only in 1930,
after Saint Catherine Cathedral was torn down, the oldest church in Ekaterinburg.
This freed up a large amount of open space in front of the building undergoing
construction – Trud (Labour) Square.
The project that came to fruition in the end included an L-shaped main administrative building with divisions of varying story heights and a seven-story residential building situated at a right angle to it. Stretching between them on the second,
fourth, and sixth levels were indoor galleries. Its features take the form of angular
balconies, vertical stairwell windows, and window band facades in constructivist
style of past years and creates an expressive, memorable space.

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