Cosmos Cinema and Concert Hall

The Cosmos Cinema and Concert Hall was erected in the 1960s on the city
pond spit and became a landmark for post-war Sverdlovsk. Here, with its wide
screen and stereo sound, they showed the best domestic and foreign movies,
pop concerts and held Party Nomenklatura meetings. And it all began with Nikita
Khrushchev’s decree on the construction of five panoramic film theatres with
2.5 thousand seats in Tashkent, Riga, Leningrad, Tselinograd, and Sverdlovsk.
At the height of construction, the idea of a panoramic theatre lost steam but it was
too late to turn back, and the local curators decided to convert the newly built theatre into a cinema and concert hall. Architect Gennady Belyankin later recalled
how the construction of this unique facility brought new life to several forgotten
professions and crafts, such as marble, mosaic, stained glass… Using new technology brought from Vilnius, the facades were coated in stone-like plaster. Furniture
for public buildings was acquired in the Baltic states, as well. Local production,
however, did not take a back seat in this project. Thus, the Ural Electromechanical
Plant manufactured special sound-proof doors.
But the real symbol of Cosmos is the “Flying Muse” metallic bas-relief sculpted by the Grachevs. This fragment of the exterior decor is one of the few remaining details linking the hall’s old and new buildings. After the global reconstruction
of the 2000s, the siding, facade glazing, and entrance lobby were replaced.
The interior and technical equipment in the auditoriums were also updated.

Photo: екатеринбург.рф
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