Monument to Vasily Tatishchev and Wilhelm de Gennin (the city founders)

This is a sculpture composition created by Peter Chusovitin in honor
of the 275-year anniversary of Ekaterinburg. As early as on the design stage,
the monument evoked a mixed reaction from the city’s residents. Along with its
artistic qualities, the fact was also discussed that the founding fathers of the city
looked like twin brothers. Historians and local area experts voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that Tatishchev and de Gennin, who weren’t fond of each other during their lifetimes, ended up on a single monument together.
The triumphant opening of the monument took place on August 14, 1998. Two
symmetrically situated bronze figures were presented, facing toward Historical
Public Garden, in the visitors’ view – toward the same place where the ironworks
was once located, where the whole city began. In the hands of the characters we
see the city map of Ekaterinburg. At the foot of the monument is a message, which
reads: “Ekaterinburg is grateful to the glorious sons of Russia Vasily Tatishchev
and Wilhelm de Gennin.” Their last names are indicated in that order specifically; meanwhile, the location of the monument’s characters is the opposite: from
the left we see de Gennin (in a tricorn hat), while from the right we see Tatishchev
(in a wig without headwear). It comes as no surprise that the city residents even
often confuse them and remember them as “the man in the hat” and the “man
without the hat”).

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