Voznesenskaya (Ascension) Church

In 1792, at the top of Ascension Hill where the Commander Country House,
the residence of Vasily Tatishchev, was once located, a stone church was built –
Ascension Church. The lower isle of the church in the name of the Birth of Christ
was blessed in 1802, while the upper isle in the name of the Ascension was blessed in 1818; however, for the next hundred years modifications and constructions went on endlessly. The reason for this were disputes regarding the Easter,
old section of the construction with predominating late baroque features as well
as the new, Western section following the eclectic trends of the second half
of the 19th century.
The parishioners of the church gave particular praise to the icon of the Mother
of God of “Consolation of All Sorrows” along with a copy of the miracle-working
icon preserved in Saint Petersburg.
During the 1920s a demonstration school was founded inside the church.
The porch was adapted to become a dressing room, the main altar became a pioneers club, while a dining hall was placed in the church archive.
From 1941 to 1945, some of the evacuated masterpieces from the Hermitage
were stored in the former church facilities. Later on, it became the site for the history department of Sverdlovsk State Natural History Museum.
Then, in 1991, the church reverted to being a Russian orthodox church.

Photo: wiki2.org
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