Simanov Mill

Built in the 1890s, the Mill was equipped with the newest equipment for those
days and produced up to 700,000 poods (11.5 million kg) of flour every year.
The goods produced there have achieved the highest level of awards at all kinds
of competitions, including the Siberia-Ural scientific industrial exhibition, exhibitions in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, and even the World’s Fair in Paris. The full
name of the company, by the way, went The Ivanov Steam Rolling Mill of the 1st
Guild Merchant Ilya Ivanovich Simanov. Despite the heights that the Mill achieved,
in 1906 the owner of the business Ilya Simanov went bankrupt. The Makarov
brothers purchased the Mill in a bid. They seriously expanded its production, turning it into the largest enterprise in both Ural and Siberia.
During the era of the Soviet regime, the milling plant continued operation.
In the 1960s, new milling plant facilities were constructed next to the old Simanov
Mill, which was only finally closed down in 2013. The enterprise’s territory was
repurposed for residential development. All of the industrial objects in it were torn
down, aside from the Simanov Mill itself, which remained an industrial architecture monument.

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