Svyato-Troitskiy (Holy Trinity) Cathedral

The church’s construction began in 1818, funded by Yakim Ryazanov,
a Ekaterinburg old believer and merchant. Originally it was presumed that this
would be an old believer prayer hall, but only in 1838 with Ryazanov’s acceptance
of the Uniformity religion was the church’s construction completed as a church
of common faith. The main church in honor of the Holy Life-giving Trinity was
blessed in 1852. Then, in 1854, a bell tower was built.
During the post-revolutionary years, one of the richest cathedrals
of Ekaterinburg was robbed during the campaign of church valuables extraction.
Then, in 1930, the church was closed for good. Following the closure, the bell
tower was torn down as well. As for the Soviet days, the building hosted a movie theater, a military cloth factory, followed by the building later becoming repurposed as an Automobilist Community Center.
In the 1980s, the Automobilist Community Center hosted such noteworthy
informal and underground events as Aelita Fiction Festival and Sverdlovsk Rock
Club concerts.
In 1996, the building was returned back to believers and its large-scale reconstruction begun. In the autumn of the year 2000, the church was ceremoniously

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