Vysotsky Business Centre

The tower’s construction was begun in 2006. The skyscraper reached 188
meters in the sky and prior to Iset Tower’s construction, Vysotsky Business Centre
was the highest building in Ekaterinburg. It got its original name as a result
of a competition featuring 12,000 applications.
The owners of the skyscraper set up Vysotsky’s grand opening to coincide with
the premier of the film “Vysotsky. Thank You for Being Alive”. The idea to name
the building in honour of the famous Soviet actor and musician was something
his descendants were fond of, and it was decided for the tower to bear their family name. Vladimir Vysotsky’s son Nikita arrived to witness the opening. Currently
in operation at the venue of the business centre is a private museum dedicated
to the singer’s life and work.
Open on the upper floors of the skyscraper is a viewing point, from which
visitors can gaze upon the city and its suburbs from a height of 186 meters.
The observation point has no canopy and instead a see-through fence creates
the illusion that visitors are not closed off.
In 2013, the skyscraper began yet another tradition – the Vysotsky Steps
Challenge during which participants have to hike up the 1,137 steps. And although
such competitions are held in over 160 world countries, the Ekaterinburg Vertical
Challenge was the first of its kind in Russia!

Photo: news.myseldon.com
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