District House of Officers

The building was constructed as early as 1932, ordered by the Professional
Academic Union. Working on the Academic Club project was a project team that
included Emelyanov, Lantratov, Romanov, Sorokin, and Shishov. Several years later,
in absence of funds, construction was halted – by that time a three-story building
had been constructed, designed in the vein of constructivism. In 1937, the longterm unfinished project was transferred to the Ural Military District. The original
project was redefined and developed in accordance with the facility’s new purpose. The grand hall was expanded, and a lobby and restaurant were designed.
In February 1941, the Red Army House was triumphantly opened. The new building consisted of two sections: a two-story fan-shaped building with columns and
a rectangular three-story box with a three-tier tower, decorated with the emblem
of the Soviet Union and a composition of flags and sheafs of grain. In 1944,
the building was renamed to District House of Officers. Then, in the 1970’s, Soviet
Army Square was set up in immediate proximity to the District House of Officers
on the lot between Lunacharskogo and Mamina-Sibiryaka Streets.

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org
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