Kolizey Movie Theater

The stone building at the intersection of Glavny and Vosnesensky Avenues
was built in 1845 at the behest of the Ural Mining Plants Chief, General Glinka, and
funded by Ekaterinburg merchants. The project’s author, architect Tursky, gave
the building neoclassic traits, embellishing the facades with decorative elements
in the form of roses and griffin figures with wreaths. An Ionic eight-column portico stands out on the grand southern wall while yet another portico with four protruding columns embellishes the Eastern side wall. The auditorium was designed
to seat more than 600 people. It can be said, by the way, that this was the first venue where electric lighting was used in the city.
“Ekaterinburgskaya Nedelya” (Ekaterinburg Week) newspaper provided information about this: «Yes, you can say that the opera is performing in flying colors.
Of course, the setting is lagging a little bit, but at the same time the electric color
pouring in abundance throughout the theater rewards the public by switching
off lights suddenly in dramatic places, to create an effect on certain stages that
makes visitors shout and jump.”
On November 7, 1896, the first film was shown at the venue of the city theater.
Later, in 1910, exclusively movie showings began to take place there.
In 1913, the new movie theater was named “Kolizey” (the Colosseum), but
in 1920 its sign was changed to “Red Ural” (later “October”). There, stereofilms
were shown in Sverdlovsk for the first time.
In the early 1980s the movie theater was reconstructed. The spaces were
expanded and their design was partially changed.
In 2002, after the next reconstruction, the movie theater was returned its historic name “Kolizey”.

Photo: veved.ru
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