The Ural Federal University Building

In 1916, the construction began of the Mining University on the Eastern outskirts of Ekaterinburg, which was intended to become the centre of the modern
campus with all the necessary supplies, or a university town. But the revolution
interfered. The unfinished “ruins” of the building were remembered in 1927. Up to
that time since the formation of Ural University in 1920, including the Mining,
Medical, Agricultural, and Technical Institutes, the Ural Industrial University had
budded off (later renamed the Polytechnic University). A long-delayed unfinished
building was transferred for its use.
The project turned out to be ambitious: the general layout of Vtuzgorodok
(architects Babykin, Gorshkov, Utkin, and Kats), aside from educational buildings,
also entailed the construction of residential buildings for the professors, a dormitory, kindergartens, schools, and a stadium. Of course, the old destroyed building couldn’t completely fit inside it. The main building of the Ural Polytechnic
University (UPI) was conceived in the style of constructivism, but it ended up
acquiring classicist architectural traits – with gigantic columns, a massive grand
staircase, and a magnificent interior. Architecture historians later joked about
the “butterfly portico” attached to the constructivist box.
The side wings of the central building form a large grand square, at the centre of which the Monument to Sergey Kirov is located (the institute bore the name
of the party official from 1934 to 2008).

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