Gorodok Chekistov

The residential complex known as Gorodok Chekistov (Soviet Security Officers
Residential Area) was designed in the beginning of the 1930s by order of the Ural
National commissariat for internal affairs administration (NKVD-OGPU) to house
employees. Based on the concept of architects Ivan Antonov, Veniamin Sokolov,
and Arseny Tumbasov, the residential buildings were combined with cultural and
everyday life facilities. The location of these buildings was determined by their
functional purpose. Thus, the 11-story U-shape Iset hotel building (dormitory
for those lacking family members) – gave a compositional accent to the whole
block as well as a club with a general merchandise store and cafeteria faced
Lenina Avenue. From the main section of the block, they were split by an expansive courtyard. Located within the internal space of the block are a clinic and
a kindergarten with a play area. From the three other sides (KuznechnayaPervomayskaya-Lunacharskogo Streets), the block was constructed with residential buildings; meanwhile, the buildings along Lunacharskogo Street form
a memorable saw-shaped composition.
The complex is included within the architectural monuments register
as an outstanding example of Soviet constructivism.

Photo: ru.rbth.com
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