Dom Uraloblsoveta (Ural Regional Council House)

An 8-story residential building, located at the intersection of Malysheva
and Khokhryakova streets, is at the centre of the residential complex, “Dom
Uraloblsoveta”, which was built in 1930–1933 according to the design
by Aleksandr Pasternak and under the direct supervision of Moisei Ginzburg.
It is interesting to see the orthodox adherence to constructivist precepts, including, notably, the presence of reinforced concrete pillars that allow for free access
to the yard, ribbon glazing of the facades and the placement of an open terrace
on the flat roof. This was not all, though. It was a case of bold social experimentation in the field of housing construction. Like other modern architects, Moisei
Ginzburg was engrossed with the issue of optimizing living spaces. “A solution
is available in 27 m2 apartments <…>, the coefficient of which is equal to 54 m2
apartments <…> The F type is important for us as a transition to a communal
type of housing <…>. stimulating the use of collective premises.” The aforementioned apartment-type F was a two-level premises that included spacious common rooms and extremely compact “temporary stay” rooms, such as bedrooms
and bathrooms.
Sociological utopian views of the 1920s and 1930s have not withstood
the tests of time and most of the “F’s” underwent radical redevelopment.
The building’s external appearance has also undergone significant changes.
The first floor was bricked up, the Volkhonka theatre is now located there, and
the sunbathing terrace was redesigned and built up, adding additional living areas.

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