Pervushin Apartment House

The building was constructed in 1906 according to the project by the invited
Moscow architect Pavel Zarutsky and draws attention primarily to the rich facade
decor with a neo-baroque spirit. The building was constructed by an order from
a rich miller merchant named Evgeny Pervushin as a commercial apartment building. Immediately after it was built, the Ekaterinburg treasury house and district
court moved in as well as local administration for military service. After the revolution, their building became the business locations of stores and part of the building was redesigned for apartment dwelling.
From the autumn of 1941 until the spring of 1943, a USSR radio broadcasting center was situated in the Pervushin House, where broadcasters Yury Levitan
and Olga Vysotskaya worked under the strictest secrecy setting. Thus, the famous
Levitan’s “Attention, Moscow Speaks!” actually sounded from Sverdlovsk,
out of the basement of the building at 2 Radishcheva Street. This was where
the live broadcasts were done and the works of many famous authors were read
to the whole country who evacuated to Ural: Agnia Barto, Aleksey Tolstoy, Lev
Kassil, and many more…
Situated here today are private offices and stores, just as was the case one
hundred years ago.

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