Ekaterinburg-City Business District

In 2008, new life was breathed into one of the oldest, “single-story” neighborhoods of Ekaterinburg in the area of Chelyuskintsev, 9 Yanvarya, and Marshala
Zhukovа Streets. That is when the first stone of the fifty-story Iset skyscraper was
laid – the first building of the new Ekaterinburg-City Business District.
According to the original plan, it was presumed to erect four high rising buildings, a business park, a commercial gallery, a conference center, and a hotel;
meanwhile, the main objects of the new business district were supposed to arrive
before the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit was to take place (Summer
2009). By that time, only the five-star hotel building had been built, the Hyatt,
which is the venue where President Dmitry Medvedev held all of the main meetings
of the summit.
In 2009, 9 Yanvarya Street ceased to exist and was renamed Borisa Yeltsina
Street; meanwhile, the Demidov Plaza congress hall, whose construction had
not been finished, was rebuilt and adapted for the needs of Yeltsin Centre modern museum complex. In 2011, a monument to the first Russian President Boris
Yeltsin appeared at the foot of it.
The highest building in Ekaterinburg-City is the Iset skyscraper, which lost its
balconies and spire during construction, despite acquiring a “copper crown.” After
the incomplete TV tower near Circus was torn down in 2018, it secured its ranking
as the tallest building in the Northern part of the world (207 metres). Construction
of the Iset tower was complete in 2017. A large amount of the floor spaces was
designated as apartment spaces, which significantly differentiates it from the other Ekaterinburg skyscraper – Vysotsky Business Centre.

Photo: extraguide.ru
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