The House of Communication

This building was constructed by order of the People’s Communication
Commissariat over 1922–1933. Architects Konstantin Solomonov and Veniamin
Sokolov worked on the Communication House project.
The building used to feature a mail section, international and city telephone stations, and a telegraph. Designed for construction within the structure
of the House of Communication was a radio theatre with an 800-seat capacity,
a kindergarten, and rooms for class work.
The nine-floor volume of the central stairway dominates in asymmetrical composition with a continuous window. The way that the architectural volumes play off
on each other culminates in an interesting image in the informal name people use
to refer to the House of Communication – “Tractor House.”
On September 23, 1986, a memorable sign was opened at the very entrance
to the building, entailing a circle featuring a map of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, in which
Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk in the Soviet era) is marked with a star. This is the starting point for calculating kilometres of distance as well as the venue from which
calculations are made in regards to distances to other population centres.

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