The Keyboard Monument

“Cities that once were inhabited by giant Lenins, space explorers, and big
shot bronze generals now compete at erecting monuments to the most celebrated people and objects... In Ekaterinburg, Ural, a local artist came up with the idea
of enshrining a computer keyboard...”, the French Liberation wrote, in the early
2000s, of the Ekaterinburg monument situated along immortalized pelmeni (dumplings), slippers, a pissing dog, and other monuments appearing in recent Russian
history out of stone and bronze. Aside from that, the keyboard monument is a lot
more than just a cute embellishment. Its author, Anatoly Vyatkin, created the landscape object in 2005 for a contemporary art festival, first and foremost as a symbol of the postindustrial era and modern civilization and secondly as a peculiar
stones garden and an artistic embodiment of Ekaterinburg’s location on the border
between Europe and Asia. It is also worth noting that the “network era” monument
is located on the shore of the Iset River, or the I-Set (I-Net).
Of course, the unusual monument immediately became a point of interest
in the urban mythology (it even acquired a touching, tender name — “Klava” (diminutive word for “keyboard”). Thus, one could make the deepest wish in one’s soul,
completing it by jumping on the Enter button. Another method is to have multiple
people jump on the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons to “reboot”.

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