Dom Sovetov (House of Soviets)

In the 2010s, Ekaterinburg first entered into the top one-hundred high-rise
cities in the world. Development in this direction, though, began much earlier
and one of the stages along this long road was the construction of the 24-story
Dom Sovetov building on the Oktyabrskaya square. Built in the late 1970s – early
1980s, by order of Boris Yeltsin for the Regional CPSU Committee, the building visually embodied a forbidding “vertical authority”.
This monument of late Soviet modernism was largely transitional in character, from the classic Stalinist skyscrapers to the later giants of concrete and glass.
The reinforced concrete base is tiled with marble slabs, for which it has earned
some eloquent national designations, such as the White House and the Wisdom
Tooth. Project documentation for the House of Soviets was created in Moscow
by the architect Mikhail Shapiro, but finalized by local experts.
In 1991, the former residence of the Regional Committee became home
to the Government of Sverdlovsk Region.
Neighboring this key Sverdlovsk skyscraper is the Drama Theatre, built
in 1990, which completed the image of the Oktyabrskaya square. Like a number
of other structures of Soviet modernism, the Drama Theatre has undergone later
7 reconstruction and has a fairly distant connection to the original design.

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