Historic Square

Historic Square or Plotinka (Little Dam), as local residents affectionately call this place, is the historic heart of the city, where in 1723 an ironworks
was launched into operation, and thus – Ekaterinburg was born. The metal production was closed as early as the 18th century, but the territory of the Historic
Square was still known as “Zavodskaya” (the ironworks area) all the way until
1962. At different times, it hosted the Mint, a Stone-Cutting Factory, Railroad
Repair Workshops, and other establishments. Almost nothing has been preserved
of the old factories as of this day, but everyone should visit it. First and foremost,
for the dam – the hydraulic technical construction from the 18th century. An openair Geological Alley stretches along the right shore, presenting Ural’s great natural
riches; meanwhile, the old plant facilities house three museums – the Ural Nature
Museum, the Architecture and Design Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo: ural-meridian.ru
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