Doma Gostyazhpromurala (Gostyazhpromural Houses)

An impressive territory, located in the block formed by Lenina, Reshetnikova,
Kuznechnaya, and Michurina streets, is occupied by a complex of apartment buildings known as Gostyazhpromural Houses. This cryptic abbreviation refers to the 1920s, when the State Union Trust of Heavy Industry
of the Urals (Gostyazhpromural for short) was established. The engineering and
technical workers with families under its responsibility needed somewhere to live.
A modern residential complex was precisely what was needed to resolve this issue,
the design of which was entrusted to George Valenkov and Eugene Korotkov.
The planning know-how lay in the arrangement of residential buildings
in a «comb», the ends vertical towards Lenina Avenue and the red line and in parallel to each other.
The block residents were served by their own store, club, clinic, kindergarten and day nursery, and all buildings were connected by above-ground crossings.
Yard spaces between the buildings were landscaped green zones, a place for collective recreation and entertainment. However, not only leisure and rest were public. It is no coincidence that another name stuck to the complex: the Commune
This private dwelling was assigned an accessory use, therefore the large,
brightly lit duplex apartments (in the outer buildings of the block) did not presuppose separate kitchen quarters, only built-in “kitchen cabinets”. Showers, located
at the end of the hallway, were also communal.
Construction stretched on for many years. The first phase of construction
(52 Lenina Ave.) occurred in the years between 1930—1936. The second phase
(54 Lenina Ave.) was completed only in 1948 and because of this, the transition from constructivism to neo-classicism is prominent in the buildings’ exterior

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