Defence House

The Defence House is a monument to constructivism built in 1934 by order
of the Union of Societies of Assistance to Defence and Aviation-Chemical
Construction (OSOAVIAKhIM). Just as inspiring a scale of buildings complex had to meet the expectations of such a serious name, which spread along
the Voyevodina-Malysheva-8 Marta-Lenina streets block; however, the project
by architect Georgy Valenkov never was fully brought to fruition.
The club building, which was preserved and transformed into a rounded side wall facing Malysheva Street, is commemorated with a real airplane.
Originally, it was the first Soviet U-1 training biplane, then later becoming replaced
by the sporty Yak-50.
In this very building during the years of World War II, training of volunteers
was conducted before they were sent out to the front. The dry statistics say
it all: the total defence over the course of the entire war entailed the preparation
of 244,267 military recruits, among them were two-time USSR hero pilots Mikhail
Odintsov and Grigory Rechkalov.
The only 1930s original venue preserved in the internal facilities of the club
was in a seafaring school classroom. A mariner’s card is tiled on the floor; meanwhile, models of ships are placed on the shelves, crafted by students of the shipbuilding class in the 1970s.

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