Ural Gold Melting Chemical Laboratory

The office and production facilities complex maintained in classical style
was constructed in the 1850’s and included an assay chamber, offices, as well
as a residential building for the head of the laboratory. Architect Tursky took part
in the buildings’ design.
Ore was chemically concentrated in the Ural Chemical Laboratory building.
It was there that gold was accumulated from almost all Ural mines. After experiments were conducted determining the purity of the precious metal, a brand was
placed on it along with an indication of the weight, and the gold slabs were sent
to the Saint Petersburg Mint.
Furthermore, an ambitious project stemmed from the same gold melting lab
that was contemplated between high up officials’ offices, entailing the manufacture of gold and silver coins in the Ekaterinburg Mint out of Ural and Siberian gold.
The laboratories were designated to play one of the central roles for this purpose;
however, the idea never did come to fruition.

Photo: city.dmir.life
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