Weyersberg’s Pharmacy

Before the revolution, Pushkina Street, former Sobornaya Street, was the focal
point of Ekaterinburg’s business life and was composed of commercial properties,
mostly office buildings. It housed stores, restaurants, hotels and a pharmacy.
The pharmacy, formerly known as Weyersberg’s Pharmacy, still sells medications and is famous for the courtesy and politeness of its staff. The building
designed in the classical style was built in the first half of the 19th century. Having
bought the building, pharmacist Alfred Weyersberg, a descendant of the renowned
Zlatoust armorers, converted the first floor to a drug store. His business was thriving. For some time, after his death, the family business was run by his wife Amalia
Weyersberg. Later on, the building was sold, expanded, redesigned and renovated
by the new owners who invited architect Dubrovin. Art Nouveau, a highly ornamental, elaborate style, replaced the classical forms of the building.
In 1919, the building was nationalized and became property of the state.
Surprisingly, it retained its initial purpose and is still occupied by a pharmacy.

Photo: fototerra.ru
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