Borchaninov Mill

Grachev – Borchaninov Mill, located across from the railroad station, was built
in 1906. The owner did not live to see its completion, having fallen off the scaffolds. After Borchaninov died, the mill belonged to the family for a while, but then
in 1914 it went into the hands of miller Pervushin, retaining its old name: “Gasgenerating Granular Roll Mill of S. I. Grachov and A. E. Borchaninov Association.”
The ad in the beginning of the 20th century informed that it was the first grain
cleaning enterprise in Ural and Siberia, producing 8,000 poods (131 tons) of various sorts of grains and 2,000 poods (33 tons) of fine ground flour every day.
In 1917, the company was nationalized. Then, in 1941, it underwent serious
reconstruction and supplied Ural residents with flower all the way up until 2006.
The impending fate of this monument of industrial architecture is still unknown.
In 1969, the nine-story Sverdlovsk Hotel was erected next to the milling
company. Next to the eye-catching and attractive red brick facade of the mill,
the hotel’s grey building clearly lost out and appeared faded and dull. It is interesting to remember one of the legends associated with this, affirming that allegedly Borchaninov received the land parcel for construction via deception, having
promised the city authorities that he would build a hotel there. It’s difficult to say
whether that was in fact the case or not.

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