The Nineties
An original team role play

The game lasts around 2 to 2.5 hours which are packed with events that fell to the era of pagers, cherry-colored VAZ-2108 cars, also known as the Lada Samara, leather biker jackets, collections of chewing gum wrappers, big tunes, and hope for future stability.

The Nineties is inspired by the political and economic events of that time: the presidential election, the referendum, the so-called "Black Tuesday", and crises. One of the features of the game lies in the fact that players can change the course of events through their actions. They can try to go through "the nineties" differently. The goal of the game is to live, survive, and save the country.

Basically, the game is a combination of individual action and teamwork. It provides enough freedom within the specified rules and new ones that players add while playing.

Игра подходит для людей в возрасте до 40-45 лет, которые открывают для себя мир 90-х с совершенно новой стороны. Также она выполняет роль командных игр, которые помогают сплотить коллектив, выявить сложности внутренней коммуникации. При этом у игры есть образовательный и терапевтический эффект, который приходит с осознанием, насколько будущее страны зависит от разных факторов – от участия каждого игрока и общей воли народа до удачи и харизмы случайных лидеров.

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